Brooke Asaari










Skye Asaari, mother, vampire. Aaaban, father, vampire, destroyed. Riley Asaari, brother, vampire.


Riley Asaari

Killed By

Skye Asaari (came back as vampire)


Destroyed (Staked by Skye Asaari)





Brooke Asaari is a 607-year-old vampire, whom has come to Fells Church with her mother, Skye Asaari and her brother Riley Asaari. Brooke has come to get revenge on Ellie Santos on the behalf of Ellie killing her father Aaban. She does drink human blood, but only from blood banks. Brooke shows signs of being agressive and weak at the same time. Brooke is very skilled and argues with what she believes in. Brooke has a positive attitude when the odds are stacked against her.

Season 1Edit

Brooke is first seen when Skye kidnaps Kristin Dawson's mother, Laurie Dawson. Everyone that loves Kristin and Laurie decide that they are going to help them no matter what. Brooke and Riley attack the helpers and Skye goes for Ellie. Later, Symone interrupts and burns the building, with them trapped inside.

Later, it's revealed that they escaped and they kidnap Ellie and Ethan Proudmore.

Brooke starts to feel sorry for Ethan and Ellie and goes against her mother's wishes. Symone Warren and Kristin then go to Ethan, because Symone was talking with Brooke through the mind. As they are leaving, Riley comes to stop them, but Brooke stakes him. Brooke is then staked and killed by her own mother. Brooke's last words were, "Revenge was never the answer mother, Letting go was".

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