AMY and HECTOR start to walk around the school.Edit
HECTOR: So, you like it here?Edit
AMY: I like it...Edit
HECTOR: I'm talking about the town.Edit
AMY: Oh, that's still a mystery.Edit
HECTOR: Why do you say that?Edit
AMY: Because...everyone around here is not who you would expect.Edit
HECTOR: Really like who?Edit
AMY: (POINTS TO LOGAN) Like him, Logan, my ex...dumped me to go with her (POINTS TO SAVANNAH).Edit
HECTOR: Dude must be coldEdit
AMY: Yeah...but I don't think about that much.Edit


AMY bumps into SAVANNAH.Edit
SAVANNAH: (DISGUSTED) If you don't watch where you are going, Prudence!Edit
AMY: Well excuse me Savannah, but you bumped into me.Edit
SAVANNAH: Look just because you lost your chances with Logan doesn't give you the right to take it out on the girl he really loved.Edit
AMY: If you don't get out of my face...?Edit
SAVANNAH: You'll what?Edit
DENISE: Amy, come on let's go...don't let her intimidate you!Edit
AMY and DENISE walk off.Edit


JAKE and NATHAN are at home, waiting for AMYEdit
NATHAN: So where's your sister?Edit
JAKE: She had to get some studying doneEdit
NATHAN: Look, Jake I'm doing the best I can, but with you acting like you don't care...I can't help you.Edit
JAKE: Is this about mom?Edit
NATHAN:'s been a year since she died, how are you holding up?Edit
JAKE: Like I've been for the past few days since she was gone...I've been great...fine...dandy...peachy keenEdit
NATHAN: Enough with the smart-ass remarks, Jake I need to know what you are feeling!Edit
JAKE: You want to know what I'm feeling dad?...Okay well here goes, I feel like a complete jerk for not being there for her, I could've saved her...I could've drove that night...but what did I do...I chose to sit my ass right here in this same spot and talk to my girlfriend!Edit
NATHAN: Jake?Edit
JAKE: No dad it's my fault, just say it!Edit
JAKE leaves.Edit


AMY is walking home when she hears a snarl and growling.Edit
AMY: Anybody there?Edit
AMY then hears the bushes russle and turns around to come face to face with a wolf, no scratch that, a WEREWOLF.Edit
AMY: Oh my God!Edit

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