NATHAN pulled AMY into the house.Edit
NATHAN: Jake get some water, now!Edit
JAKE runs upstairs to retrieve some water.Edit
AMY: Dad what's happening to me?Edit
NATHAN: Look it's okay sweety there are a lot of things I wanted to keep hidden from you and Jake, and now it's catching up to meEdit
AMY: Dad what are you talking about?Edit
NATHAN: Ssshhh. Just rest.Edit
AMY falls asleep.Edit


HECTOR lets VICKIE in.Edit
HECTOR: What are you doing here Vickie?Edit
VICKIE: Oh...come on like I said...I wanted to talk to my brother.Edit
HECTOR: Who did you bite?Edit
VICKIE: You know whoEdit
HECTOR: Amy?Edit
VICKIE: Yep...we need her, remember?Edit
HECTOR: Look what Trueman said didn't make any sense...leave this girl alone.Edit
VICKIE: Nope...The next full moon is tomorrow night and that's when she shall change into a werewolfEdit
HECTOR: That's only if the venom is still in her system.Edit


DENISE calls ANDRE, her boyfriend over to her house.Edit
ANDRE: What is this about?Edit
DENISE: Just close the doorEdit
ANDRE: Denise, what's going on?Edit
DENISE lifts her hands and the candle lights again.Edit
ANDRE: What the...?Edit
DENISE: Same thing I said...I think, I think I might be a witchEdit
ANDRE: Wait what?Edit
DENISE: I know weird, but it's the only thing that makes sense.Edit
ANDRE: Wait...I've read about witches.Edit
DENISE: Where?Edit
ANDRE: A book...I'll get it for you.Edit


A woman, MARIA gets out of her car and looks into the town.Edit
MARIA: (WHISPERING) It's time...and I'm coming to help you Amy.Edit