NATHAN is helping his daughter AMY.Edit
NATHAN: Come on Amy breath.Edit
JAKE: I can't believe you and mom never told us that werewolves exist.Edit
NATHAN: Yeah well so do witches and vampires.Edit
JAKE: What's going to happen to Amy?Edit
NATHAN: Well apparently they knew it was going to happen.Edit
JAKE: What was going to happen?Edit
NATHAN: The InitiationEdit
JAKE: Wait what does that mean?Edit
NATHAN: It means that Amy's going to turn into a werewolf.Edit


LOGAN is sucking Savannah's blood. Edit
LOGAN: There I'm doneEdit
SAVANNAH: When are you going to turn me?Edit
LOGAN: NeverEdit
SAVANNAH: But you promisedEdit
LOGAN: Look I know what I said, it's just everything's confusing now.Edit
SAVANNAH: Fine don't turn me.Edit
SAVANNAH leaves.Edit


HECTOR knocks on the door of DENISE'S house. Edit
DENISE: What do you want?Edit
HECTOR: Look I know you've just found out you're a witch, but a lot of things are happeningEdit
DENISE: Yeah and why is that?Edit
HECTOR: sister Vickie is going to perform a ritual to free werewolves from the curse.Edit
DENISE: So you need my help?Edit
HECTOR: Yeah...and so does Amy.Edit


VICKIE enters LOGAN'S house.Edit
SAVANNAH: Who the hell are you?Edit
VICKIE: No one specialEdit
VICKIE snaps SAVANNAH'S neck, killing her.Edit

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