February 8, 1993




Vampire (turned 2010 by Alexandra Nicolaev)


Jared King


Main Character




Destroyed (in 2010 by Miles Johnston)

Chase King is a 17 year old who has been in Fells Church for half of his life. He is on the Thomwood Saints Football team, Chase is also the jealous boyfriend of Kristin Dawson. Chase is also the son of a hard working single father and mayor of the town, Jared King Chase hardly ever gets to have quality father-son time with his father.

Season OneEdit

In season one, Chase is first seen as he is trying to get it through Ethan Proudmore's head that he is not welcome here in town, but he is proven wrong when Kristin invites Ethan to a party at Aron Misner's house. Chase and Ethan then plan to make Ethan out to be the bad guy. Kristin then breaks up a fight between the two of them, and this causes her and Chase to have a long talk in the woods. While in the woods, they make the discovery of Samantha Boone's body.

Later on, Kristin and Chase get into another argument, and this one is the one that ends their relationship altogether, and this automatically sparks a rivalry between Ethan and Chase. As Chase notices Ethan has started to fall for Kristin. But soon Chase's feelings for Kristin subside as he starts to fall for Alexandra Nicolaev, after breaking into Ethan's home. After Alexandra leaves for a short period of time. Chase become vunerable and alone and starts to sip on some of the vampire blood he was given by Alexandra. Chase continues to take the blood and goes to Kristin's party.

While at the party, Chase and Aron get into an argument, and since Aron is a werewolf, and the curse isn't yet sparked, Aron and Chase get into a fight, which leads to Chase's death, and Aron marks the first day of his transition. Chase reawakens as a vampire, and this leaves Kristin, Ellie Santos, and Ethan breathless as Alexandra is the only culperate. Chase doesn't know what is happening to him and doesn't know how to control the urges for blood either. Chase has started to accept Ethan as a friend each and everyday he walks the earth as a vampire and Kristin and Chase are starting to get back on speaking terms.

Chase, in the episode "Anna" is staked by Miles Johnston, but the two of them get into a conversation about why he can walk the earth as a vampire, Chase, knowing he could die or live, speeds over to Miles but Miles stakes him first. Chase is then destroyed here.

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