June 7th, 1993






Greg Sutherland (father)
Doria Sutherland (mother)






Emma Sutherland has lived in Fells Church ever since she was a baby, Emma is teenage girl who lets her naive little life cover up what she is really feeling. She is stated to be a friend to Symone and Kristin.

Season OneEdit

In the first season Emma Sutherland is introduced as a character that doesn't have much of a storyline. Emma meets with her friends on their first day back to school. Emma then talks with her boyfriend Aron Misner. Emma and Aron are the perfect couple, or that's what it appears to be. Not much is known about Emma except the fact that she will soon help Symone find more about her heritage. Emma appears in countless of episodes, many of times saving a supernatural creature from killing Kristin. Though, not much is known about Emma except the fact she is still in the dark about vampires, witches, and werewolves. Apparently, Emma is only friend left that doesn't know about the supernatural. Emma and Aron's relationship has somewhat faded into the darkness, due to Aron learning he is a werewolf.

Emma is re-introduced into the series as she starts to think that her friends Kristin Dawson and Symone Warren have abandoned her and went their separate ways. Emma is still kept in the dark of the paranormal even when her father, Greg arrives to town with a dark secret. Emma is a cheerleader. Emma also appears to be closer friends with Symone than Kristin, but the both of them are friends.

Emma soon meets up with Aron once again and their friendship starts to take its roots again. Emma soon learns that Aron thinks that Chase is dead. But, Aron swears he had the slightest clue - that's the reason why he left. Emma then looks confused as Aron leaves. This could mean that Emma is about to learn of the dangers Fells Church is hiding.

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  • During Season One , Emma appear more like recurring character not main.