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Henry is a vampire that arrives to Fells Church after his girlfriend, who he has been feeding blood for a few years is supposedly murdered by Ellie.

Season 1Edit

Henry makes his appearance well known to Alexandra, and the two get into a dispute about where Ellie is. Soon Henry speeds away, stating that he doesn't need to know anyway. Henry later appears at Kristin's house and kidnaps her. Next, he and Michelle hold Kristin against her will, soon Ethan and Ellie appear to rescue her and they stake Michelle, making Henry grow hungrier for revenge.

Later on, Henry attacks Symone and Kristin while they are driving to Ethan's house. The spell is broken, and Symone falls faint, and Henry tries to kill Kristin, but Ethan, Ellie, and Alexandra appear just in time to stop them from doing this. Later, Henry is pushed into a branch, ultimately killing him.

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