Xavier Hunts


January 19, 999


Parents (deceased)






c. 1018 (19/992 years-old)


numerous vampires and humans

Significant Sires

Zhang Hunts



Early LifeEdit

Born in 999, Javier lived in Fell's Church for most of his life, and departed after he was turned into a vampire. 18 years later, he came back and met Zhang Hunts. They quickly befriended each other, but he turned her into a vampire and forced her to work with him. She refused, and he soon murdered her husband to get back at her. This caused her to give in, thus forming a professional relationship. They journeyed the world, slaughtering many humans and vampires to gain power. However, they soon went their separate ways.


Javier's whereabouts still remained unknown, but he posed a serious threat to Fell's Church.

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