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Ellie Santos (as a human)





Michelle Richards is a character that has yet to be introduced to the series. She is described as a graduate without a care in the world, but things come back on her and her dangerous life.

Season 1Edit

Michelle Richards is one of the workers for the local Cafe. Michelle was working late, when Ellie Santos entered the building and ultimately killed her. Ellie had no idea that Michelle was the girlfriend of a vampire from her past, Henry. Henry later came to Fells Church to help Michelle and her newfound state. Ellie told Michelle to look after Miles Johnston, whom Ellie had kidnapped in order to get Ethan Proudmore to play a game. Michelle manages to escape and her and Henry kidnap Kristin Dawson. After this attack, it ends Michelle's life as a vampire and human because she is staked by Ethan.

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