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Chase King, Unnamed Vampires

Miles Johnston is described as a funny lovable guy, that no one can get to. Miles used to be friends with Chase, as they committed their crimes together. But, Miles blames Chase's father, who is also the mayor, for Chase's behavior and being a total jerk.

Season OneEdit

Miles is first introduced into the series when he meets Ethan Proudmore, and the two have a conversation, and eventually after that become friends. Miles revealed that he and Chase used to be friends, until Chase's father went crazy. Miles starts to fill Ethan in on the town's secrets, thanks to Terri, the sheriff, who helps Miles, after accidentally left his father to die. Soon it's revealed that Miles's adoptive father wants him to take down Ethan, Ellie, and Alexandra, because they are vampires and he has a destiny to kill them. Miles is described as a skilled-slayer. Miles and Symone had started a relationship and decided to keep dating. Miles and Michael attempted to kill Ellie and Ethan when a stake shot through their window.

Miles and Symone's relationship has faded into the darkness as Symone learns that Miles is very unstable and is the adoptive son of a vampire hunter - Michael - who wants Ethan and Ellie dead. Miles soon becomes a spy to Michael and this causes everyone to lose their trust for him.

Miles even participates in the ritual to kill Symone, but in the end, Symone proves her powers are loyal to her and hurts Miles. Miles disappears without a trace. And Symone constantly tries to search for him, but he doesn't want to be found. Miles is the one that kills Chase, and then he comes face to face with Skye Asaari, who pushes him into the woods, therefore Miles's condition is not yet revealed.

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