Hi, The Vampire Diaries Fanmade here, and I have just created this page to inform you that I will be holding season 2 character auditions for the series. Even though the first season has not yet been finished, it is coming to it, since we are planning out the episodes and them putting them up here. Anyway basically this is what we need so far. We need 12 new characters; 2 being guest stars, like the Sheriff's number two deputies; 4 will be recurring guest stars which basically means that they will be in a span of 3 episodes, and usually their death will be at the end of the span, if not they continue on; 4 others will just be recurring characters that will interact with the main cast, like another werewolf; another witch; vampires; slayers something like that' the last 2, 1 will be a teacher, that knows about the culture of the supernatural and stuff like that, which will be a regular; the last 1 will be the cousin of Kristin that is around 16-17 years old, and will try to learn what secrets Ethan, Kristin, and Ellie have to hide. If you are interested please sign up below. Now I've already listed out how many times that character is stated to appear, however this may change.


  • Sheriff's Deputy - (Name) - (3 episodes)
  • Sheriff's Deputy - (Name) - (3 episodes)


  • Witch - (Name) - (1-6 episodes)
  • Werewolf - (Name) - (5 episodes)
  • Townie - (Name) - (4 episodes)
  • Townie - (Name) - (4 episodes)


  • Vampire - (Name) - (4 episodes)
  • Vampire - (Kaylee Sayer) - (5-10 episodes)
  • Vampire - (Name) - (5 episodes)
  • Slayer - (Name) - (5-10 episodes)


  • Teacher - (Name) - (10-15 episodes)
  • Kristin's Cousin - (Name) - (10-15 episodes)

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