March 15, 1993






Francis Warren (father, deceased), unnamed mother (deceased), Amelia (godmother)


Location Spells

Mind Combustion





Symone Warren is the only character with a soul for people who have lost their parents. Symone's parents passed away when she was a young girl, and ever since then she was taken under the legal protection by her godmother Amelia. It's stated that Symone is a witch.

Season OneEdit

Symone is the first of Kristin Dawson friends to be introduced into the series. Symone took Kristin to school in her brand new car. While in the car, Kristin and Symone get into a very kind-hearted conversation, where Symone tells her once she gets back around her friends she'll be back to normal in no time. Later Symone learns that Kristin needs time to adjust to her new surroundings. Symone then goes to Aron Misner's party where she meets Ethan Proudmore, she and Ethan get into a friendly conversation, after Symone gets a weird vibe, but continues to talk to him anyway. Symone and Ethan then run out of the house after hearing Kristin scream over Samantha Boone's previously discovered dead body. Symone is the first to discover that Ethan is missing. Symone soon starts to question her god mother Amelia, and soon Symone grows suspicion of her heritage and learns that she and Amelia are both witches. Symone doesn't know what to do with her newfound knowledge. She quickly attempts to tell Kristin about her abilities, and soon Ethan Proudmore becomes involved. Symone is a very creative witch, and soon starts to learn everything and even develops quickly, to be a witch. Symone later starts to work cooperately with Ethan and Alexandra. Symone and Amelia start off with a very distant relationship, until Amelia decides to open up to Symone about her witch heritage. The two even work on a spell to free Ellie Santos from Scarlet's curse that has decided to take its effect. While doing this, Symone and Amelia learn that Kristin is the new crystal itself, meaning that more vampires will start to come after her, one being Johnston Everwood

Symone doesn't state that she is going to protect Kristin, but it can be assumed that Symone will go to great lengths to protect the ones she cares about. Later, Symone learns that Aron Misner is a werewolf, and soon she has to put her life before Kristin's. Symone is a very skilled witch so far, performing spells to locate anyone. Symone proved the fact that she is going to stick around no matter what, especially when she killed Amelia just to get away from a ritual.

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