Chapter 1

London, England, 1410

I was walking down a back alley when suddenly I was viciously attacked for money by beggars. I was left screaming for my life, slowly and painfully coming to my demise. Until a mysterious figure walked up to me, gave me his blood and then snapped my neck.

I woke up the next day in the same alley, disorientated and scared, and then the same man from last night guided me into a house telling me not to speak. As soon as we were by ourselves, he told me that I was a...............vampire! I was hysterical I couldn’t believe it until I realised that I possessed superhuman strength and speed, but then he told me I had to drink human blood to survive! I knew I had to do it as I couldn’t leave my husband and children knowing they relied on me so much. That was when I became undead.

I chose one of the beggars who killed me last night as I saw he was the person who wouldn’t affect anybody else if he died. I know it sounds terrible but I had to do it for my family. I drained his body of blood in one go and then I felt it rush through me.

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