Chapter 10

Memphis, Tennessee, USA, 2010

We located Crowley to Memphis and this time he wasn’t going to get away from us. We approached him at night time when he was looking for his next meal. When he saw us he made a run for it immediately, but failed miserably! Riley and Brooke covering one side while I covered the other. I pinned him to a wall after that and demanded where Elizabeth was. He said he didn’t know but there was someone who did. He told us there was a vampire who Elizabeth turned called Curtis in Augustus, Georgia and he knew where she was hiding. We took Crowley with us this time and if he was wrong, let’s just say someone will be staked, then fried extra crispy.

Augustus, Atlanta, USA, 2010

Curtis was walking down a street when we found him; he’d probably just been shopping for his family as they are still human. Brooke and Riley were holding Crowley with them, whilst I questioned Curtis. He sensed my presence so I sped up to him, choking him down on the floor with one hand. Shocked and scared he asked me what I wanted. I asked him if knew where Elizabeth was. He said that she was hiding in a small town called Fells Church and Ethan Proudmore was there too. I thanked him and let him go. Finally I knew exactly where she was and this time I will get her! We dealt with Crowley soon after, apologising for having to stake him but he betrayed us once, what’s stopping him from doing the same again? Then we set off for Fells Church......