Chapter 2

I arrived back at my house at night time, not being able to walk in the sun as it burns me. I had to get an invite in and straight away I told Aaban my secret, I couldn’t keep it from him, I love him too much. He was shocked and wouldn’t believe me until I showed him what the sun did to me! He then requested that I turn him. I didn’t want to, but he said he couldn’t live without me, so I eventually gave in and turned him. We decided to not tell the children until they’re old enough and then they could decide whether they wanted to join us or live separate normal lives.

We decided to have a decent cover for our secret we needed to walk in the sun and so Aaban went to do some research. We eventually found out through myths, legends and rumours that there was one way and that was to get a witch to enchant lapis lazuli. We located a Witch called Anne near us in London who many people were scared to even approach. We knocked on her door and when she appeared, we felt a sudden jolt of pain in our heads!