Chapter 3

She screamed at us to leave at once and how she hates vampire scum! We pleaded with her to just give us a chance and she admitted that we felt different to most vampires, so we went to the local theatre to talk, as she wouldn’t invite us in. She said that she would make four daylight rings and amulets, if she could rely on us if she’s ever in trouble and if we betray her she will remove the enchantment. We swore allegiance to her and she admitted that she knew she could trust us.

Later that day the mysterious figure that saved me from death appeared at our house. He said his name was Joshua Mudri and that he was the oldest vampire ever! I thanked him for saving me and he then asked if we could do one thing for him. He said he needed us to obtain him a lapis lazuli ring as he never really got along with witches. We went back to Anne’s and obtained the ring, even though she said she would not give us anymore as she didn’t want vampires everywhere! We gave the ring to Joshua and he departed, leaving us to live our lives peacefully.