Chapter 5

South of France, 1500

It was a dark, cold night as I was searching for our prey, but then suddenly I was pinned to a tree by Joshua! I pleaded with him to let me go, so he then apologised saying it was a precaution he took with all vampires. He then asked me to do one more thing before my debt would be cleared. I needed to kill a newly turned vampire called Jeanette, apparently she has been killing numerous innocent people and needed to be stopped before people started to get suspicious.

Paris, France, 1500

There was numerous missing person posters around Paris for different aged people and different backgrounds. Joshua had stated that Jeanette was hiding in a derelict house and was hiding the bodies there. She was killing innocent people and couldn’t control her urges. We arrived at the house, corpses spread along the floor and blood splashed across the walls. It was horrible and terrifying, despite being over 100 years old I still felt my spine shiver. We found Jeanette in the attic feeding on a poor girl; she immediately armed herself and quickly approached us. Aaban then apologised, before overpowering her and staking her. Joshua met us back in the South of France and thanked us. He said he was glad he turned me and that we should stay friends, then he departed.

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