Chapter 6

New York, USA, 1830

We had moved to America, hoping to get away from our past in Europe, but we soon found out that life as a Vampire is never easy. We had moved into a Big Manor House in North New York, we settled down and built a nice social life and that was when we met a young lady called Elizabeth at a Ball. She was very beautiful, extremely confident and possessed a certain aura around her. She approached us casually, as if she wasn’t afraid, she should have been. Brooke could sense her immediately and we knew she was a vampire. She started to talk to us and was very welcoming, but we told her to drop the act as we knew what she really was! She said that she needed us to stop attacking people as it would blow her cover! And that she only killed people outside of this town! We stated we were vegetarians, but she wouldn’t believe it! She demanded that we did what she told us! She then said that blood would be shed if we didn’t obey her now! We told that we’re much more powerful than her and she shouldn’t be so arrogant. She then left. We decided we had to leave as we weren’t safe anymore in this town.

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