Chapter 7

Chicago, USA, 1835

It was midnight in Chicago when Aaban went to get some food from the woods; we began to get worried when he hadn’t returned after 2 hours, so we went searching for him. It was pitch black in the woods and we could barely see anything. We began to give up hope of finding him and started going back home thinking he might be there. It was on our way back when we saw his corpse lying on the floor and Elizabeth was standing there next to him with a stake in her hand. She then suddenly sped away leaving us alone with Aaban’s corpse before we could do anything. That was when I swore I would get revenge on her! One day it would be her corpse on the floor and I would be the one who would kill her!

We searched for years and years for Elizabeth, but it was like she had just vanished into thin air. We eventually gave up hope, thinking that she had been killed by someone else.

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