Chapter 8

Austin, Texas, USA, 1950

We had settled down in Austin for over 75 years, not letting anyone notice us as it was too dangerous. It had been 115 years since Aaban’s disappearance and we had given up hope. One day Brooke bumped into a young male vampire and they became good friends. One day she invited him to our house as she thought he might know Elizabeth.

I met him late one night after he and Brooke had been out for a meal, his name was Ethan Proudmore. He got on with Riley as well and Brooke was falling for him. I asked him if he ever knew a Vampire called Elizabeth and he stated in 1866 he met her, but has never seen her since and also believes she is no longer alive.

The next day Brooke and Riley went to see him at his house, but he had disappeared the other night and had left Brooke heartbroken. We knew he must have known something more about Elizabeth and were worried we would find out so left. We then had a feeling Elizabeth might still be alive!

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