Chapter 9

Columbus, Atlanta, USA, 1997

We have just moved to Columbus still searching for Elizabeth and Ethan. I know it happened so long ago, but I still want revenge! She took Aaban from me, my true love, so I’ll kill anybody she cares about and then her!

Riley and Brooke have given up hope, still thinking Elizabeth is dead, but I think otherwise. Ethan new something more about her and we need to find out what it is. Why else would he run unless he’s got something to hide? Even if she really is alive then I will find her one day and I’ll be the one driving a stake through her heart!

We’ve asked numerous Vampires about her, all of them saying they know nothing when being threatened. It just seemed like she’d disappeared! Then one day we located a Vampire called Crowley and he finally told us something useful! He knew where she was! He said she was hiding in a warehouse near Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, California, USA, 1998

The Warehouse looked completely empty and was falling apart. As we entered inside we discovered corpse after corpse on the floor, with the bodies bathing in blood and as we got closer to the end we heard someone running away! Brooke and Riley caught up with them quickly pinning them against a tree! It wasn’t Elizabeth, it was a vampire called Ruebin. He said she had turned him, but left a few days ago saying she was in danger. We believed that he didn’t know anything and left searching for Crowley, who probably tipped her off.