Hi, Kim here, and I just wanted to talk about a contest I've decided to hold...that's right...

"You've heard of Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, and who hasn't heard of a Human...but now starting with Season 2, a dangerous force will enter Fells Church...and you have a choice deciding what that is, make this species a great one, with strengths weaknesses and abilities, please make it original and add your own taste to it."

1ST PLACE: Will receive a chance to have their species enter Fells Church with a span of 5 episodes, a chance to help us work on some episodes in a chat link, becoming an admin, and will help decide on future storylines.

2ND PLACE: Will become an admin, a chance to watch the episode, and will get a chance to make their own origin story.

3RD PLACE: Will make an origin story, a chance to be represented on the wiki, and plus will be given a chance to interview some of the writers, and I'll explain how that will work.

So please sign up for this it will be great, just comment and state your species. Also don't forget to sign up for season 2 SEASON 2 SIGNUPS.

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