Vampires are a supernatural species of undead beings created from converted humans. A vampires strength is determined by how much blood they consume. A vampire also grows powerful by the passing of time; the older they become, the stronger they get. If a vampire doesn't drink human blood, their powers are prone to being less effective and unpredictable.


Due to the words of Ellie Santos the oldest vampire she is aware of is Scarlet. There could be some connection to Scarlet being over 800 years old, though her age is currently unknown. If vampires existed back then, which they do, then they may have been able to compel younger vampires, (Though it is currently uknown if The Originals exist in this series).

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Speed: A vampire can move quicker than the human eye can see.

Strength: A vampire has more strength than the average human.

Senses: Once you transition into a vampire your senses are enhanced.

Healing: After being hurt, a vampire can quickly heal themselves.

Mind Compulsion: In order to get something done, vampires can choose to compel humans to get their dirty work done for them.

Immortality: A vampire stops aging when they are done with transitioning. They are immune to disease, illness, virus, and infection.

Durability: Vampires can handle more trauma than the average human.


Vervain: Vervain is a known weakness to vampires. When injested, a vampire becomes severly weakened and feverish. Vervain can also be a guard to a vampire's compulsion. Kristin Dawson, Miles Johnston, Sheriff Strauss, and Greg Sutherland are examples of humans that drink vervain on a regular basis.

Sunlight: If a vampire happens to take off their protection (Ex: Ring, Bracelet, Necklace, etc.) then stand outside in the sun, they can become severly burned and to the point of a crisp.

Wood: A wooden stake is another known weakness for a vampire. If inserted into the heart by a wooden stake, a vampire automatically dies.

Fire: Fire also seems to be a weakness of vampires, they can become badly burned to a crisp, evidentally relating to the sunlight weakness.

Decapitation: If a vampire has any of their body part severed from their body, then they could die in an instant.

Werewolf Bite: A werewolf bite is said to kill vampires, currently there are no werewolves that have tried to bite the known vampires. Apparently they want to keep each others secrets.

Magic: A witch's magic and abilities can also harm a vampire, depending on how strong the witch is.

Heart Extraction: If a vampire's heart is taken out then they automatically die as well.

Known VampiresEdit

Ethan Proudmore, Ellie Santos, Alexandra Nicolaev, Chase King, Skye Asaari, Brooke Asaari, Riley Asaari, Scarlet, Johnston Everwood, Ruebin, Michelle Richards, Henry.

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