Zhang Hunts


November 9, 1182


Karter Hunts (husband, deceased), unnamed mother (deceased)






1200 by Javier Calhoun


several humans and vampires

Significant Sires




Early LifeEdit

Born in 1182, Zhang resided in Fell's Church for the majority of her life, where she met Javier Calhoun. She was unaware of his vampirism, until he turned her into a vampire. He attempted to force her into joining him in his quest to destroy Fell's Church, but she refused, partially due to not knowing his motives for wanting to end the town. However, after he killed her husband, Zhang finally gave in due to her fear of the consequences if she defied him again, and reluctantly united with him. The duo travelled worldwide, killing countless vampires and humans in their journey for power. They separated a decade after their alliance--their whereabouts unknown.


Centuries later, she returned to Fell's Church, determined to set their plans into motion.

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